Local courts may submit proposed resolutions. Any resolution passed at the state convention that do not pertain solely to the state of Colorado will also be sent to the chairman of the National Resolutions Committee for consideration. Resolutions proposed by a local court must be approved by a vote of the members at a regular meeting and sent to the State Regent by April 15, 2023. Proposed Resolutions will be forwarded to the Resolution Committee Chairman when one is assigned.

Here are resolutions from State Convention over the years.

Download this file (Resolution 1998.pdf)Resolution 1998[ ]2176 kB
Download this file (Resolution 2000 .1.pdf)Resolution 200.1[ ]1906 kB
Download this file (Resolution 2000.2.pdf)Resolution200.2[ ]2033 kB
Download this file (Resolution 2005.pdf)Resolution 2005[ ]2301 kB