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The Structure of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas

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"The Five National Officers along with the Nine National Directors form the National Board. The National Board Meets Semi-annually at such time and place as determined by the National Regent."

"The National Office Manager is an employee who manages and directs all functions and activities of the National Office and Nine Staff members. The National Office Manager also attends the meetings of the National Board and National Court."


"The National Court is composed of 5 National Officers, 9 National Directors, Past National Regents, 5 Officers of each State Court and Local Court Regents and delegates from the Local Courts. The National Court is the governing body of THE ORDER acting in biennial convention assembled. It has authority to make, alter and repeal all laws, rules and regulations for the government, management, discipline and control of THE ORDER or of any Court or organizational subdivision."

"Five or more Local Courts in good standing with a total membership of not less than 200 members, may organize a State Court with the approval of the National Board. State Courts shall be composed of a National Regent or her representative, 5 State Officers, Past State Regents, and Local Court Regents and delegates from Local Courts. State Courts elect 5 Officers at their Biennial State Convention. Only one State Officer can be elected from a Local Court. Exception: In states with twelve (12) Courts or less (2) officers may be elected from one (1) Court."

"Each State Court shall have a State Board consisting of the National Regent and 5 State Officers. The State Board shall meet quarterly or as often as necessary in order to discuss the program of THE ORDER in the State. State Courts shall convene biennially between March 1 and May 31, in the alternating years to the Biennial National Convention."

"Will conduct the religious exercises and give advice on matters doctrinal or ecclesiastical. The State Chaplain will serve at the request of the State Regent."









Here are the documents to run for a state office and what each office requires. At the state level members vote on a State Regent, a 1st Vice Regent, a 2nd Vice Regent, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. (job descriptions on PDF File).



 What is the Past Regents Club and why should you join?

            The Past Regents Club of Colorado is an opportunity for all past court regents to keep in touch, make new friends, and renew friendships formed with other court regents during a regent’s term. Every year past regents have the opportunity to socialize and catch up on life’s events. There are many Past Regents Clubs throughout the country and the earliest information we have shows that the Colorado Past Regents Club started in about 1982. We have had many wonderful CDA sisters stepping up to be officers throughout the years, and your current officers were elected at the 2019 Colorado State Convention held in Lakewood, CO: President – Mary Jane Armstrong; Secretary – Rachel Brown; Treasurer – Evelyn Irving. Being a member of the Past Regents Club is an honor given to those Catholic Daughters that have “stepped up” to lead their court. In 2019, there was a vote to change the Bylaws to make membership in the Past Regents Club even more accessible than before – there is no longer a time limit for your term as Regent of your court. Please consider becoming a member. There are only two meetings: we have a social meeting and luncheon at the Colorado State Workshop and a business meeting and luncheon at the Colorado State Convention, where By laws are reviewed and a charity is chosen to which a donation is made. We also provide a Memorial Service for all deceased CDA members throughout the State of Colorado. It is a very moving tribute to our deceased. Dues are $6.00 for two (2) years paid prior to the business meeting. Members pay for their own meal at both gatherings. Invitations will be sent out to all the out-going Regents to join us and we hope you accept this honor. The current officers of the Past Regents Club want to convey a sincere thank you to our current active and inactive members.
         President, Mary Jane Armstrong I have been a member of the Catholic Daughter of the Americas for over 20 years. I joined Court Little Flower #925 in LaJunta, CO at the invitation of Father Bill Nelson and Lucy Considine and held all local court offices. Upon moving to Fort Morgan I was an inactive member in my court and a member of the Past Regents Club. After becoming a State officer, 2nd vice State Regent, I transferred to Ct. St. Teresa #980 in Sterling, CO and am serving as Recording Secretary. I have also served on the State board as 1st Vice State Regent, served on the Nominating Committee, was State Legislative Chairman and currently State Extension Chairman. I enjoy attending State Workshops, State Conventions, and National Conventions. Over the years and currently I am active in several parish ministries. This is my second stint as President of the Past Regents Club. I enjoy being a team member with my many Catholic Daughter sisters and feel we belong to one of the finest organizations past and present.
           Secretary, Rachel Brown My earliest memories of going to church was with my maternal grandmother, Amada (Amy). She taught me about going to church, being devout. She taught me how to pray and she taught me about God. I never knew anyone else as devout as she was. I remember her praying the Rosary every chance she got! She was proud that I carried on her family tradition of going to church and being a believer. I decided to join the Catholic Daughters of the Americas in Alamosa, CO – Court Sangre de Cristo #1810. I joined so that I could donate my time and my skill set, which is being a leader. I served two terms as the Regent and went on to assist as the Secretary with fellow member Ann Watters. I have since moved away from the San Luis Valley, but still try to stay a member from afar. I have since joined the Past Regents Club, was elected as the Secretary and have been enjoying it. I enjoy staying in contact with, and periodically seeing, other Catholic Daughters from around the State of Colorado. It is with much pride that I am a part of this Holy organization – to know that we are the largest organization of Catholic women in the world, dedicated to strengthening our spiritual lives through Christ – is amazing and awesome at the same time!
              Treasurer, Evelyn Irving My husband Jim and I moved to Colorado (from California) in 1994. I became the Parish Secretary for Holy Family Parish in Security that year. Holy Family and St. Joseph Parishes merged to become St. Dominic and I remained their secretary for over 22 years. I became a member of Court Holy Family #1794 in 1998 at the urging of Regent Kaye Kabat. I was elected as Vice Regent that same year and since then, I have also held the court offices of Recording Secretary and Regent. I have also had the honor of being 2nd Vice State Regent, State Treasurer, and State Regent (2007-2009, 2010-2011 and 2013-2015). In 2017, I became a Charter Member of Court Our Lady of Peace #2728 in Woodland Park. I joined the Past Regents Club at my first opportunity, 2007. I was elected as the Treasurer at the 2019 State Convention It has been a rare and wonderful experience – being a part of the Past Regents Club and a part of the “sisterhood” of past leaders of the most wonderful organization in the world.

                                                           President: Mary Jane Armstrong  e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                                                           Secretary: Rachel Brown e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                                                       Treasurer: Evelyn Irving E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.com


                                                                                STATE NEWSLETTERS      



Colorado State Newsletter, which comes out every month.


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