Local Court Newsletters

Local Colorado courts that desire to publish their local court newsletters for all to view are included in this article.  Obtain permission to include your local court newsletters by having the State Court Regent agree then just send a PDF formated copy to the state count website maintainer.  Local court newsletters appear in the links below.

Download this file (Newsletter HF Dec 2018-website.pdf)Newsletter HF Dec 2018-website.pdf[HF Newsletter Dec 2018]3305 kB
Download this file (Newsletter HF Sept 2018-website.pdf)Newsletter HF Sept 2018-website.pdf[Court Holy Family Sept 2018]2274 kB
Download this file (Newsletter SacredHeart Summer 2018.pdf)Newsletter SacredHeart Summer 2018.pdf[Sacred Heart 2018 Summer]20857 kB
Download this file (PATHWAYS SPRING 2018 State Website.pdf)PATHWAYS SPRING 2018 State Website.pdf[Court Sacred Heart Spring 2018]11980 kB
Download this file (Newsletter HF June 2018-website.pdf)Newsletter HF June 2018-website.pdf[Court Holy Family June 2018]1648 kB
Download this file (Newsletter HF March 2018-website.pdf)Newsletter HF March 2018-website.pdf[Court Holy Family March 2018]5480 kB
Download this file (Newsletter HF Dec 2017-Website.pdf)Newsletter HF Dec 2017-Website.pdf[Mewsletter Dec 2017]3555 kB
Download this file (CourtHFSept2017.pdf)CourtHFSept2017.pdf[Court Holy Family Sept 2017]3288 kB